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Library Book Club

Programming for children 6-12 years old

The after-school book club

The After-School Book Club is a welcoming and friendly environment designed to introduce children to many forms of literature and to make them life long readers passionate about books. Designed for ages 6-12 years old, groups meet to read, socialize, create, and embark on an enriching personal journey. The structure is based on a holistic approach, first a featured novel is chosen as the starting point, and then themes within the story provide the topics for applied learning.

Through each novel, Kanien’keha values and culture are incorporated by contrasting characters and storyline components. Respect for self and others is eminent within the groups.  The After-School Book Club is also supported in part by the Kahnawake Community Health Plan Initiative.


Book club activities

Our book club is filled with fun activities!

5 Sessions Per Year

The Book Club holds five sessions throughout the year during after-school hours.

4 Groups Per Week

Sessions consist of four groups per week from Monday to Thursday for a 7 week duration.

Seasonal Novels

Each group reads a different novel pertaining to seasonal and age-appropriate themes.

Arts & Crafts

Children get to participate in unique and fun arts & crafts activities.

Homework Help

Children can also have the opportunity to receive some help with homework.

Registration Cost

Only for children aged 6-12 years old. Registration costs $25 per child.

Our Gallery

Previous books

Here are some of the past books we’ve read!

The Case of Windy Lake

Group: Ages 8-12


Group: Ages 9-12

Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record

Group: Ages 6-9