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Donations & Fundraisers

Show your generosity by supporting the library

The importance of donations

The Kahnawake Library is a grassroots non-profit organization which has relied on community support to keep our doors open since 2003. We receive funding and in kind support from the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. We also receive funding from Kahnawake’s Community Health Plan Initiative (CHPI) and Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT). In addition, we receive various forms of support (financial, training, promotion) from the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF), The Kateri Memorial Foundation and The Eastern Door.

All funds raised by the Kahnawake Library go towards various operational expenses, and also towards enhancing library programming, and the purchase of new books and resources for our patrons.


Type of donations

Giving is Caring

1) Make a donation online, or in-person

Donate easily, quickly, and directly to the library online via PayPal. You can also make a financial contribution in person or by mailing a check (payable to the Kahnawake Library) to PO Box 1950, Kahnawake, Qc, J0L 1B0.

2) Donate your gently used books to us

Donate your used books to our collection. Due to space limitations we cannot accept large amounts of books, but we’re particularly interested in books by and about Kahnawake and other First Nations.

How else can I support the library? 

Write letter of support for the library

Write a letter of support stating why you feel the Kahnawake Library is vital to the community and how it’s impacted your life and the lives your child/children!

Buy a 2024 Superbowl square or a raffle ticket

Make a purchase for a monthly ½ and ½ raffle ticket or simply purchase a 2024 Superbowl Square. All proceeds go to support the library.

Become a Kahnawake library member

Every membership helps support and grow the library. Pass the joy of reading on to your children by reading to them.  

Donate an item of value that can be auctioned

Donate of an item of value to the Kahnawake Library, such as a computer, bike, or hockey tickets for example. Any type item that the library can auction off.

Library donation

We are thankful for each and every donation.

John McComber & Kevin Nolan  Donation:

Gail Albany

Elizabeth Petitsas

Mr. Peter Starkey
Donation: $300.00

CP Rail

Nia:wenhkó:wa Theresa & Alex McComber Donation: $1080.00

Melanie Gilbert Kirby

John McComber & Kevin Nolan

Jack Splicer:

Nia:wenhkó:wa Helen Montour Donation: $100.00

Elisabeth Breski
Donation: $250.00

Janet Delisle Shea
Donation: $100.00

Cody Diabo
Donation: $125.00

John Abbott College
Donation: $500.00

Nia:wenhkó:wa Theresa & Alex McComber Donation: $1080.00

Mr. Peter Starkey
Donation: $400.00
Cody Diabo
Donation: $125.00

Brian Goodleaf & Dean Montour Coffee Club
Donation: $480.00

Reindeer Games
Donation: $100.00
Buy a "WIN $1000" raffle ticket or a 2023 Superbowl square

Make a purchase for our monthly WIN $1000 raffle ticket. How does it work? Cost is $10 per ticket. Buy 2+ tickets and have your name entered for a chance to WIN 1 extra ticket! 200 tickets are sold each month.

Come football season purchase a 2023 Superbowl Square on our $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 boards. Please check the Skawenni:io Tsi Iewennahnotahkhwa Facebook page for available squares or you can pass by the library or give us a call at (450) 633-1016.