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Open 6 Days A Week

Library Rules

Rules & regulations of the Library

Rules must be followed

  1. Children under the age of 7 must be properly supervised by a parent or responsible older person while in the library or while using computers/internet.

  2. No food or drinks are permitted in the library (except in a designated area).

  3. Use of cell phones, radios, and video games are not permitted in the library.

  4. No animals, except for seeing-eye dogs which are permitted in the library.

  5. No sleeping in the library, except for babies and toddlers accompanied by adults.

  6. Patrons must be quiet. Disruptive patrons will be asked to leave.

  7. Appropriate attire required (no wet bathing suits, shirts & shoes are required).

  8. No smoking.

  9. No loitering.