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Summer Book Camp

Learning all summer long for children of 7-12 years.

Reading all year long

The Summer Book Camp is a seasonal program for children aged 7-12. It’s designed to provide children with the opportunity to enhance their reading abilities in an atmosphere of respect & empowerment while also creating memorable experiences throughout the Summer. Children are given the opportunity to enhance their public speaking abilities through informal book discussions and are provided with an avenue to showcase their talents and interests via creative art expression.

The program is designed for two groups of twelve children. The chosen novel for both groups incorporates themes that help children enhance their cultural knowledge through an exploration of Kahnawake’s history & language and activities such as crafts, beadwork and outdoor play. The Summer Book Camp is supported in part by the Kahnawake Community Health Plan Initiative.


Camp activities

Our book camp is filled with a variety of activities!

7 Week Period

The Book Camp takes place every summer for a 7 week period two weekday mornings.

2 Days / Week

Schedule is Monday & Wednesday and Tuesday & Thursday from 9AM-12PM.

Featured Book

We feature a book for children to read during the duration of the camp.

Authors & Illustrators

Summertime story books are designed, developed and fully illustrated by each child.


Children are safely guided on educational exploration walks throughout Kahnawake.


To register your child, please e-mail the library, call us, or chat with us on Facebook Messenger.

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