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Meet our library staff members

Message from staff

Having served the Kahnawake community for 17 years, we realize there’s many things that bring our patrons to us: computer usage, photocopying needs, research questions, and yes of course, picking out a good book. Our patrons are young children, teens, adults and Elders. Not all are readers, but most are, just know that whatever brings you to the library, we welcome you and hope your experience here is a pleasant one.

Library staff members

To reach one of our members, simply call us at (450) 633-1016.

Shelley Diabo

Library Clerk

Melanie Phillips-Kirby

Children’s Library  Coordinator

Tyler Phillips

Library Assistant

Jayme Jacco

Library Clerk/Children’s Programming Assistant

The circle

The Kahnawake Library Circle is a group of Kahnawakero:non who support the library by helping to raise funds and by providing governance. The group was established to replace the Kahnawake Library Board, initially formed in 2003 to establish the fledgling library as a registered charity and to provide guidance. Since then, board members have come and gone and great thanks goes out to all.

Circle members include: 

Marylyn Kane
Shyann White
Niaomi Jacobs
Angelika Delormier

The library remains an independent, non-registered charity and maintains operations through the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers, continual fundraising and generous donors. The library Circle was developed from this support system.

The Circle meets monthly and provides overall direction and support to library staff. The Circle bases its foundation and continued growth on the principles of the Kaianere’kowa Great Law, peace, respect, strength, our cultural pride to govern ourselves. Reflective of our traditional ways, there is no hierarchy within the Kahnawake Library Circle.