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“On behalf of the patrons, staff, and circle, the Skawennio Tsi Iewennahnotahkhwa Kahnawake Library would like to say Niawenhkó:wa for your fundraising efforts to help with the continuing development of our community library, as well as everyone who attended and/or supported the event. Their generous contributions will benefit the children, families, elders, and all who depend on public library services.” 

 – Shyann White, Library Circle Member.

We would like to say “Niawenhkó:wa” to all our sponsors and donors who have generously contributed an auction prize, cash or gift certificate:

thanks to:

Tournament sponsor: Réfrigération Snowdon Inc.
Dinner sponsor: Original Traditional Traders
Cart Sponsor: Secur Plus
Bruch Sponsor: Mohawk Paving
Lunch Sponsor: Red Oak Farms
Cocktail sponsor: Tioronihathe Enterprises
Printing sponsor: Staples Advantage
Ball wash towel sponsor: Lettrage Express
Ball wash towel sponsor: First Nation Fiber
Cooler sponsorship: 207 Steak & Seafood Restaurant
Pin flag sponsorship: Mohawk Market

Pin flag sponsorship: Slashcavations
Photo sponsor: Fadi Chamoun & Spiros Marinis- Kateri Pharmacy
Red wine sponsor: First Nations Fiber
White wine sponsor: First Nations Fiber
Stadium bag: Executive Directors Committee Associated Organizations
Marketing table sponsor: Géant du Conteneur/E360
Golfer gifts: Tewatohnhi’saktha Business Services
Administrative sponsor: GD’S Asphalt
Cup Sponsor: Magic Palace

Hole sponsor:

Hole in one: Solution Ford
Hole in one: Lestage et Fils Ltée
Longest drive: Lafleurs Golf Club
Longest drive: Tewatohnhi’saktha
Closest to the pin: Kahnawà:ke Tourism
Closest to the pin: SHOP Kahnawà:ke
Tasting hole: Kahnawake Brewing Company


  • The Rail
  • Snowdon
  • OTT
  • Secure Plus
  • Mohawk Paving
  • Bush Mohawk Construction
  • Magic Palace
  • Tioronihathe Enterprises
  • Staples
  • Lettrage Express
  • First Nations Fiber
  • Two O Seven Steak and Seafood
  • Mohawk Market
  • Slashcavation
  •  Uniprix Fadi & Chamoun
  • Oboro
  • Boutique C & S
  • Host
  • Halo
  • Mohawk Council of Kahnawake
  • Excellence ATM
  • Kahnawake Tourism
  • Lafleurs
  • Kahnawake Brewing Company
  • Shop Kahnawake
  • Geant de Contenneurs
  • Suroit
  • Quality Aluminum
  • MNP
  • Solution Ford
  • Tewatohni’saktha
  • E.D.C.
  • G.D’s Asphalt Inc.
  • Fleuriste Cachet Ampleman
  • Boutique C & S
  • Host Hotel Depanneurs
  • Excellence ATM
  • Prosan V-T0
  • Oboro L’amanagement sans Contrainte
  • Geant du Conteneur/E360
  • Tioronihathe Enterprises
  • Le Groupes Suroit
  • Quality Aluminum
  • Halo Saloon Kahnawà:ke
  • MNP

  • Lafleur’s Golf Club
  • Wine Barrel
  • B & G’s
  • 207 Factory
  • DJ Norm
  • Bayview Restaurant
  • Rogers Chateauguay
  • Richard Nolan
  • Hair
  • K-103
  • Kahnawake Arena
  • Margie Meloche
  • Debbie’s Incredeble Edibles
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Van Houttes
  • Calico Cottage
  • Fuel Good Food
  • Christine Stacey- Montour
  • Lisa & Bud Morris
  • Traditions
  • June & Charlie Stacey
  • Divas Den
  • Wolf’s Den
  • R Us Play Zone
  • Kahnawake Moose Lodge 958
  • Julie Brown
  • Candace’s Canvases
  • Mystic Pines Golf & Country Club
  • Legion Branch 219
  • Angel Horn
  • Tahoe Design rattle/baby cradleboard
  • Amanda Kanatenha:wi James, Terrence Kawisake:ron Phillips & Carlene Kahentahawi Leclaire
  • Tammy Beauvais Designs
  • Marc Brouillette

Donated winnings

Golfers who have generously donated their winnings to the Kahnawake Library:


Closest to pin – women: Traci Martin: $250
Closest to pin – men: Mike Stalk, Jr: $250

½ & ½ winner: Jill Skye. $6000 was fundraised with 1/2 going to the library.
Jill donated $1000 of her winnings to the Kahnawake Library

Tewatohnhi’saktha and the Kahnawà:ke Library would like to thank all the volunteers who donated their time to help make this event a success!


Niawenhkó:wa to The Coal Fire Rail & Bistro for cooing & serving our guests a delicious brunch.

Thank you all.


Other supporters

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