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Marriage of Deceit

AUTHOR: Ann Augustine

“‘Daddy , Daddy, just kill me!’ These were the words that came out of Wayne’s mouth. Not another day could he stand the abuse by his father, none of us could. Ken was a very evil man. From the deceit and the cruelty, to the guns and the fraud, Ken seemed to enjoy that people feared him, especially his own family. He made it very clear to everyone that love was something he would never provide. ” Marriage Of Deceit” is an eye awakening truth for a lot of women. Not only is it terrifying , but at the same time it will educate women all over the world the crucial importance to step away from a toxic and abusive relationship of any kind before it’s too late. Unfortunately, a lot women all over the world are subject to some form of domestic violence, (whether it be mental,physical or physiological ) in their lifetime. The memoirs that were written in this novel are for the intent to educate every single woman to pay attention to the signs and characteristics of an abuser.”