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Realizing The UN Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples

Niawenhkó:wa to Kenneth Deer for donating this book to the Skawenni:io Tsi Iewennahnotahkhwa Kahnawake Library.

Authors: Jackie Hartley (Editor), Paul Joffe (Editor), Jennifer Preston (Editor)

“Adopted by the UN General Assembly on 13 September 2007, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples affirms the “minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world.” The Declaration responds to past and ongoing injustices suffered by Indigenous peoples worldwide, and provides a strong foundation for the full recognition of the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples. Despite this, Canada was one of the few countries to oppose the Declaration. With essays from Indigenous leaders, legal scholars and practitioners, state representatives, and representatives from NGOs, contributors discuss the creation of the Declaration and how it can be used to advance human rights internationally.”