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The Casino Caper: An ill-conceived quest

Niawenhkó:wa to Margaret M. Joyce for donating her novel to the Kahanwake Library.

By Margaret M. Joyce (Author)

“Father Bob Desjardins is a sympathetic underdog. His actions are quixotic, and draw scorn, pity, and laughter from people in his Ville LaSalle, Quebec community. When, during a blinding, February snowstorm, the car he’s driving slides into a woman in a red parka, he is stricken with guilt. He wants to atone and gets an idea on how to do so. The plan he works out gets him into deep trouble with not only his superiors but also the nearby First Nations community. The Casino Caper is a Christian crime narrative with historical facts woven into a tale set in 2009, on the island of Montreal. It centers around a fictional 20-year-old cold case murder of a First Nations man on the Mercier Bridge.”