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Wormburner By Tyler Hill


Niawenhkó:wa to Al Jones for donating this book to the Kahnawake Library.   Author: Tyler Hill “With a strong oral tradition deeply rooted in Native American culture, Tyler Hill delivers a story written and narrated in spoken word. Detailed and accurate illustrations by Neha Faheem and Tyler Hill connect the reader to the game of […]

Akwesasne Mohawk Social Songs and Dances

Niawenhkó:wa to First Nations Child and Family Services for providing us with this new book. Authors: Corey Fox, Donovan Thompson, Tina Square “With the technical assistance of Akwesasne Mohawks, this book outlines how to have a Social Dance, the proper etiquette required at a Social Dance and a compiled list of songs and dances written […]

It’s All About The Land: Collected Talks and Interviews on Indigenous Resurgence

Niawenhkó:wa to Taiaiake Alfred for donating his book “It’s All about the Land: Collected Talks and Interviews on Indigenous Resurgence” to the Kahnawake Library. Author: Taiaiake Alfred “Illuminating the First Nations struggles against the Canadian state, It’s All about the Land exposes how racism underpins and shapes Indigenous-settler relationships. Renowned Kahnawà:ke Mohawk activist and scholar […]

Life In Two Worlds: A Coach’s Journey from the Reserve to the NHL and Back

Authors: Ted Nolan with Meg Masters “In 1997 Ted Nolan won the Jack Adams Award for best coach in the NHL. But he wouldn’t work in pro hockey again for almost a decade. What happened? Growing up on a First Nation reserve, young Ted Nolan built his own backyard hockey rink and wore skates many […]

Mind Over Matter: Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope

Author: Jordin Tootoo with Stephen Brunt   “Following the bestselling success of the inspiring All the Way, pioneering Inuit NHLer Jordin Tootoo begins the process of healing in the wake of the suicide and violence that marks his family, only to discover the source of all that trauma in his father’s secret past.”

Who Am I?

By Michelle Rice-Gauvreau (Author) “Who Am I? is a powerful memoir by Michelle Rice-Gauvreau that pulls back the curtain on an unsettling chapter of indigenous history. Born in a Mohawk Reservation in Canada, Michelle was illicitly adopted and raised in an abusive home in the United States. Amidst the harsh backdrop of the 1960s and […]

The Myth Of Normal: Trauma, Illness And Healing In A Toxic Culture

Gabor Maté With Daniel Maté “Gabor Maté’s internationally bestselling books have changed the way we look at addiction and have been integral in shifting the conversations around ADHD, stress, disease, embodied trauma, and parenting. Now, in this revolutionary book, he eloquently dissects how in Western countries that pride themselves on their health care systems, chronic […]

Indigenous Communities in Canada Mohawk Nation

Author: Delores Nixon “Indigenous Communities in Canada: Mohawk Nation is an elementary level information book about the past and present-day culture and history of the Woodland people known as the Mohawk. They call themselves Kanien’keha:ka, meaning “People of the Flint”. They are part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and today they reside mainly in Ontario and […]